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6 Ways to Improve Your Law Firm's Technology

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, law firms must continually adapt and improve their technology to stay competitive. With the right practices in place, firms can reduce IT costs, enhance productivity, minimize potential problems, and deliver an exceptional end-user experience. Below we highlight six effective strategies that can help your firm achieve your IT goals.

Audit Your Security and Test Your Backups

As cybercriminals continue to develop new and more sophisticated techniques, cybersecurity is more important than ever. To keep your data secure, it is essential to review your security measures and systems. Ensure your firm is compliant with third-party organizations and meets the expectations of your clients and institutional partners. Your firm should review your backup systems for functionality and full protection from ransomware infections and natural disasters. If a business continuity plan is not already in place, establish proper response procedures and ensure this plan is reviewed regularly and revised as needed. By proactively auditing your firm’s security, you can significantly reduce the risk of breaches, safeguard your and your client’s data, and leverage your cybersecurity as a competitive advantage.

Get More Cloud

According to Zippia, 94% of firms utilize cloud, yet most still rely on costly on-premise IT systems. The availability of modern cloud services allow firms to completely eliminate physical servers and desktops, reducing hardware costs, and increasing flexibility. When assessing cloud solutions, it is important to consider the best options for your firm. What applications still operate from on-premise servers, and can they be moved to the cloud? Would doing so increase security? Would it lower costs? Would application functionality remain the same? These questions are the first step towards maximizing cloud for your firm.

Revisit IT Support and Management Structure

Small firms often struggle to fully devote the necessary time and capital to a functional and secure IT system, leading them to fully outsource their IT. On the other hand, many mid-sized firms typically utilize both in-house and managed IT service providers (MSP) to satisfy their IT needs. If your firm is growing, is it time to bring certain IT functions in house? If you’re doing everything in-house, would an MSP help improve security and support? 

Reconsider Remote Access Systems

Despite the fact that 92% of firms surveyed in the Zippia report are either fully remote or hybrid, one of the biggest end-user frustrations is still poor remote access. Attorneys and staff struggle with systems that are sluggish, unreliable, and limited in their functionality. Many remote access desktops lack the ability to video call, print, and access important applications. Furthermore, poorly secured remote access methods and VPN setups can leave your firm vulnerable to a data breach.

Integrate and Automate

Most firms use multiple applications between their time and billing, practice management, document management, and accounting. However, there are many ways to integrate otherwise separate applications. By integrating these separate applications, firms can keep their data in sync, automatically update records, and reduce manual work such as non-billable administrative time.

Include IT in Strategic Discussions

In Tabush Group’s 2023 Survey on Law Firm Technology, 89% of firms only meet with their IT managers on an as-needed basis (translation: when something doesn’t work). There’s no denying that IT is the lifeblood of any law firm, and to achieve great results and prevent excessive and unnecessary costs, IT must be properly represented at strategic meetings with firm leadership.

With more than 20 years of serving small and midsize law firms, Tabush Group has the knowledge and experience to serve as a strategic IT partner for your law firm. To learn more about how Tabush Group can enhance your cybersecurity, mobility, and strategic decision-making, contact us today

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