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Employee Spotlight: M'ten Halsey

M’ten has always been interested in technology. “When I was a kid, I liked to break things down and figure out why they happened the way that they did. And, I was always a computer user, even when people didn’t really use them.”

After building his first website at just 13 years old, M’ten joined a band, toyed with science kits, and taught himself how to build computer systems from scratch – this is where his journey within the information technology industry began.

Topics: Life at Tabush Group

Highlights from 2016 [Infographic]

We're proud of all that our team accomplished in 2016, and put together this infographic with some highlights:

Topics: IT Year in Review Infographic

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

It's a great annual reminder for you to take a look at what you and your company are doing to protect your business and systems from potential cyber attacks that could cripple your operations and cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Topics: IT Security Cybersecurity Cyber Attacks

Top 5 Lies in IT Services

The IT business is loosely defined. If you surveyed 100 IT companies, you would learn just as many different ways of doing things. Every company needs the right IT resources for their business and making the right matches can be a challenge.

Topics: IT IT Services IT Best Practices

Safe Internet Browsing - Best Practices

The Internet is a dangerous place. Unfortunately, due to the lack of central control and ownership, and the fact that the Internet is accessible from anywhere in the world, including many countries without proper law enforcement, there are many fraudulent traps out there looking to steal people’s personal information and money.

While having proper antivirus and anti-malware software is important, it’s also important to always follow safe browsing practices to ensure your data stays private.

Topics: Computer Viruses and Malware Protection IT Best Practices Internet Browsing

Introducing Ariel Acosta, Tabush’s Network Engineer

When Ariel Acosta is not in the office, you can catch him running away from it. Literally.

 “It’s about 8-10 miles from the office to my house, and sometimes if I need to do a long run, I run home from work,” he said, while on the topic of running being his newfound hobby. Hobby turned way of life, apparently, as he recently completed his first marathon in January in one of his favorite cities, New Orleans.

Topics: Life at Tabush Group

Introducing Mahmut Sarigedik, Tabush's Chief Technology Officer

From Turkey to NYC, Mahmut Sarigedik has long since had a knack for IT.

Growing up in Istanbul, Sarigedik credits a variety of situations that helped him follow technology into what is now his career. Throughout his childhood, Sarigedik attended school, and every day afterward, would help his father out at work. “My father was a carpenter; an inventor. I grew up with him at the workshop. He is very hands-on and he always finds a solution no matter what the situation is,” said Sarigedik of his father’s work ethic and character. It was then that he started to learn how to offer solutions to a variety of problems.

Topics: Life at Tabush Group

Introducing Robert Renzulli, Tabush's VP of Technical Services

Robert Renzulli has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together.

“As a kid, I used to go home and take apart computers. I reinstalled the memory, hard drive, and other components to understand it. Then, I started installing software for friends and family.”

Originally from Haledon, New Jersey, Renzulli grew up with an electrician as a father, and when working with him, he was much more interested in how things lit up rather than the fact that they just did.

Topics: Life at Tabush Group