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Three Benefits of Becoming a Tabush Group Channel Partner

A question you may be asking yourself is why should my firm become a Channel Partner with Tabush Group? In today’s marketplace, joining a Channel Partner program can be quite attractive. Here are three benefits of Tabush Group’s Channel Partner program.

  • Offer Your Clients a Solution to their Challenges

Our Channel Partners collaborate with their clients to suggest and implement reliable, efficient solutions that the client can rely on for the long term. When you partner with Tabush Group, your clients are introduced to both Boxtop, our Desktop as a Service solution that enables firms to move their IT to the cloud, and our Managed IT services, which provides enterprise-level IT to small and midsize firms.

Boxtop allows firms to fully leverage the cloud and resolve IT issues such as security, remote access, backup, business continuity, and desktop and server upgrades. All pieces of IT are moved to the cloud making them secure and accessible from anywhere. Our Managed IT Services emphasize defensive measures – including multi-layered security, monitoring, audits, and best practices to help predict and prevent many common issues, resulting in fewer interruptions.

  • Leverage Our Knowledge

In all channel partner programs, a firm commits to its channel partners' success by expanding and sharing their business expertise with their partners. When a new channel partner joins Tabush Group’s program, you get marketing and sales support, technical support, education programs, and more. We make sure you have everything you need to succeed. Your success is our success.

  • Mutual Growth Results

Partner programs are responsible for growth in sales and distribution of a product or service. The great thing about a channel partnership is increased revenue for both sides. Our channel partners can boost revenue and profit for their businesses.

Interested in becoming a Channel Partner? Visit tabush.com/channel-partner-program to learn more.

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