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Benefits of Managed Services for Small to Midsize Firms

Small to midsize firms lack the resources of larger enterprises, but still have the enterprise-size IT needs and security requirements. Whether you’re a firm with a small in-house IT team or no IT team at all, everyone relies so heavily on technology that it is essential not to take any shortcuts. With limited resources, the best way for small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) to build, optimize, support, and defend their technology and infrastructure is by working with a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP). Here are 5 reasons to consider partnering with an MSP to ease the IT burdens your firm faces.

Access to IT Expertise

Gartner reports that 65% of SME IT budgets are devoted to routine housekeeping tasks. This means that even if your firm has an in-house IT department, it is usually busy with day-to-day issues, like printing problems and setting up new hires. Moreover, IT infrastructure, applications, and integrations often require different skill sets than support technicians. MSPs typically have multiple engineers who work with multiple clients, so they can solve your problems more efficiently, leading to less downtime. An MSP can fill in when your firm needs specialized expertise. Having an MSP to partner with on IT enables small and midsize firms to remain competitive with large organizations from a technology perspective.

Cost Effective and Scalable

MSPs typically charge a per user rate per month, making the costs predictable. Furthermore, SMEs can pick and choose the services they require and easily scale up and down as needs evolve. This means your firm is not stuck paying for extra services you do not need, allowing you to redirect those funds to supporting your clients and growing your firm.

Security Upgrades and Patches

In-house IT departments have a lot to worry about to keep the firm running productively. Not only do MSPs offer technical support, they also provide best-in-class security on a day-to-day basis and advanced hardware protection against viruses. MSPs limit your system’s vulnerabilities by installing updates and patches as quickly as possible. 

Proactive Maintenance and Support

In-house IT departments are usually busy and therefore take a reactive approach to maintenance and support. In other words, they fix a problem once they become aware of it. Being reactive means more things break and then need to be fixed. On the other hand, MSPs are in business because they proactively keep clients’ IT running, updated, and secure. They will ensure you have fewer IT issues by staying up to date on industry standards and current patches. They also ensure your backups are working properly.

Ability To Focus on Your Own Firm

In small and midsize firms, we often hear that office administrators, staff, and even partners get roped into handling IT tasks. This obviously takes time away from the primary focus of the firm – its clients! Even when a firm has its own IT professionals, they typically need to focus on the day-to-day running of the technology. Outsourcing technology to an MSP allows a firm to focus on its own core business while leaving the IT to the IT experts. Working with an MSP offers peace of mind, as you no longer have to worry about security or other technology issues. 

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