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Boxtop Upgrading All Users for an Enhanced Cloud Experience

Tabush Group is excited to announce that we are upgrading every Boxtop Premium user from 6GB RAM to 8GB RAM at no additional cost!

This increase in RAM will improve the performance and enhance users' overall Boxtop experience. Upgrades already started and will continue through the end of 2022. All upgrades occur outside of business hours so users will not be impacted.

Tabush Group also recently rolled out a new upgrade feature, Boxtop Boost, which significantly improves performance for users who require an even faster version of Boxtop. Boost users are upgraded to 4 CPUs, 16 GB RAM, and 300 GB local C drive storage. Users who will benefit from Boxtop Boost are those who run complex or multiple applications simultaneously, require a lot of monitors, or multitask using applications that require upgraded bandwidth.

For more information on Boxtop or Boxtop Boost, contact us today!


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