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How Cloud Services Can Help Law Firms Scale Up or Down Quickly

Cloud-based solutions can benefit law firms in many ways, from streamlining workflows to facilitating remote access to enhancing security. Simple scalability is another hallmark of cloud computing. By migrating to the cloud, your law firm will gain the ability to scale your operations up or down seamlessly and efficiently as your business evolves.

Growth-Related Costs and Challenges

To keep up with the growing workload and meet client expectations, firms must often rapidly onboard new attorneys and staff members. The incremental costs associated with growth can be prohibitive for many firms, at least in the short term. Beyond the added salaries and benefits, firms incur incremental costs ranging from physical space to technology. In fact, the costs and challenges associated with adding resources may deter many law firms from pursuing certain new business opportunities.

Increasing Technology Demands  

Technology demands grow as a law firm grows. Adding users to your system, expanding your physical footprint, and servicing a broader array of clients requires incremental upgrades to networking infrastructure, data storage capacity, and processing power. When firms manage and store their own data on premises, costs associated with growth – from purchasing hardware to expanding the IT staff needed to optimize, support, and secure the growing system – can be prohibitive. Further, making necessary upgrades to the system can take months, and may disrupt firm operations.  

How Cloud Solutions Support Changing Technology Demands 

By partnering with a cloud service provider, you benefit from the provider’s scalable infrastructure. The cloud provider has all the hardware, software, and resources in place to accommodate your firm’s changing technology demands, with no disruption to your operations. When your business grows, there’s no need to make costly hardware purchases or additions to your in-house IT team to support the growth. Rather, you simply ask the cloud service provider to add new users to the system. Similarly, if you downsize, users will be seamlessly removed from the system, and you will not be saddled with extra equipment that is no longer necessary.  

Easy Onboarding of New Employees 

For firms that handle their technology in-house, the process to onboard new employees requires a significant deployment of IT resources. After setting up new users, they must be trained on your firm’s software and security policies. Partnering with a cloud service provider makes the onboarding process seamless, saving your firm time and money. In addition to adding new users to the system, the cloud service provider can handle training to bring them up to speed on how to use your firm’s various applications optimally and securely. 


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