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Cloud's the Limit

In the months (has it really been that long?!) since firms have moved out of their offices and transitioned all employees to working from home, technology has become even more essential (dare I say vital!) to ensure smooth operations.  Likewise, technology providers have become crucial as they keep everything functioning, applications and data accessible, and most importantly, everything secure.

Despite this, it’s very possible, even likely, that many technology providers will not survive the aftermath that the coronavirus pandemic will leave in its wake.  The providers who survive will be the ones with solutions that are adaptable to this evolving environment and those who can accommodate the quickly-changing needs of clients that may be difficult to anticipate.

The technology companies most likely to endure will be cloud providers who have solutions that are securely accessible from anywhere, are reliable, and effectively meet the needs of their clients.  

Why will cloud providers survive?

We strongly believe that cloud providers that survive this pandemic will all have some commonalities:

  • Security. A cloud provider stores your data offsite, and their most important job is really to keep it secure.  The right cloud provider focuses in security and will keep your data more secure than you would, and you never have to worry about it.  Cloud providers should also offer further security features, like encryption and 2-factor authentication, to add additional layers of security.
  • Scalability. Cloud is ideal for growing companies who may need to quickly scale up or those with changing needs.  Firms that operate in the cloud do not need to own, maintain, or update infrastructure so they can scale up and down with little-to-no additional cost.
  • Cost Effective. In addition to easily being able to scale as your business grows, cloud does not require large expenditures to upgrade or replace infrastructure and hardware every few years.  In fact, there’s no need for servers or hardware infrastructure at all when you’re in the cloud.
  • Reliability. With cloud, you never have to worry about your servers going down, hardware malfunctioning, or your office being inaccessible.  Plus, maintenance and upgrades are handled by your cloud provider.
  • Backup and Business Continuity. Cloud has inherent benefits of backup and business continuity.  Cloud providers offer quick data recovery for emergency scenarios, like natural disasters and power outages.  Because data is stored securely offsite, you can access your data again quickly to get back to business as usual, minimizing any loss of productivity.

Our DaaS Cloud Solution

We believe Boxtop, our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) cloud solution, will not only survive this pandemic, but will thrive.  Here’s why…

Boxtop is a fully cloud-based Windows desktop that is made accessible from the cloud.  All of your applications and data live in the same cloud, which makes them seamlessly accessible from any internet-connected device.  Moreover, security is our priority, always at the forefront of everything we do.  Boxtop desktops and data are stored in our own private cloud, which we’ve owned and operated since 2003.  With fully redundant systems that are monitored 24x7x365, you can always trust your data is safe with Boxtop.

Hear what our clients have to say about their experience with Boxtop during the COVID-19 crisis.

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