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How Desktop as a Service Is Helping Law Firms Adopt Permanent Hybrid Workplace Policies

A few years ago, a hybrid work environment in a law firm would have been rare, but today it is the norm. From a firm’s perspective, however, supporting this flexibility comes with its own challenges. Cybersecurity, remote access, and productivity, which are essential to efficient and effective law firm operations, can be compromised when attorneys and staff work from home or on the go. That’s where Desktop as a Service (DaaS) comes in. Many law firms have made the switch to DaaS in large part because of its effectiveness in supporting a hybrid work environment.

What is DaaS?

DaaS is a cloud-based solution that moves your desktops, servers, applications, and files to a secure, private cloud. Windows desktops are streamed from the cloud, making them securely accessible from any device. Users access virtual desktops that look and operate the same exact way as a PC. 

Is DaaS Secure?

Security breaches are always a concern, and according to the American Bar Association’s 2021 Tech Report, 25% of law firms reported they had suffered a data breach at some time. Law firms have a plethora of sensitive data, and when lawyers and staff are working remotely, they may be more vulnerable to a cyberattack. With DaaS, however, users can access all of their data and files securely regardless of where they are working or what device they are using. All desktop-to-server communications take place within the secure cloud, allowing for security that stretches beyond your firm’s walls.

DaaS and Your Law Firm

When adapting to a hybrid work environment, law firms typically suffer unforeseen headaches, such as inaccessibility to certain files when logging in from home or settling for an online version of a software application with less or different functionality. Working from home should not mean lower productivity or making compromises. With DaaS, attorneys and staff can seamlessly access their desktops, data, and applications securely from any device. This means all of a firm’s case management, accounting, and billing applications are still available without any compromises.

DaaS securely streams a Windows desktop to any device so there is no need for lawyers and staff to learn a new system. The desktop employees see in the office is the same desktop they access from home or on the go. What’s more, users can log out from the office and pick right back up where they left off at home, for a seamless, flexible experience. DaaS also quells the need for a separate backup platform because all of the firm’s data is automatically and securely backed up in the cloud. This means less worrying about IT and more time for operational efficiency.  

The flexibility and security of DaaS allows firms to focus on what really matters: their clients. Of course, not every cloud provider will work for every law firm, so finding the right provider – one who offers superior security and support and who understands your business – is essential to creating an effective hybrid work environment. Check out our recent post on How to Vet a DaaS Provider for more insight into choosing the right cloud partner for your firm. 

Our DaaS Solution

Boxtop is an innovative cloud-based DaaS solution that Tabush Group designed specifically for small and midsize law firms. Boxtop includes Windows desktops, storage, backups, security, unlimited technical support, and multifaceted security features, including monitoring 365 days a year. Tabush Group delivers comprehensive IT services, allowing law firm leaders to focus on growing their practice. Contact us for more information or to sc hedule a demo! 

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