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"I Feel Like the Smartest Guy Ever."

“I feel like the smartest guy ever.” – Steve Bain, Partner at Bain & Barkley

As firms struggled to move every employee to working securely from home, our clients experienced a simple transition – thanks to Boxtop.  Steve Bain, Partner at Bain & Barkley, a law firm based in Texas said he felt smart because his firm already had Boxtop in place, which made their transition to mandatory working from home simple and seamless during the COVID-19 crisis.  Read Bain & Barkley’s full story here.

Hear what Steve Bain and our other clients have to say about their experience with Boxtop early on during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Interested in Boxtop?

We developed Boxtop, our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) cloud solution, to simplify IT for our clients. Boxtop allows firms to securely move their IT to the cloud, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and upgrades.  Boxtop also makes working from anywhere easy because users can access all applications and data from any device at any time.

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