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Morris Tabush Reflects on 2020's Trends

People often ask me what’s on my mind, what I’m working on, and what’s ‘new and exciting.’ Since I’m not big on social media, this is my way of sharing these things a few times a year.

Fall is here, the election is (sort of) behind us, and eight months into the pandemic approximately 85% of office workers in major cities are still working from home, which is something that many predictions say may never return to the way it was.

In other news…

While we’re on the topic of working from home, it’s amazing how many people still have a sub-par temporary setup. GitLab compiled a great list of recommendations from desks and chairs, to lighting, webcams, and headsets. You can also see my personal list of what I use when working from home.

No, offices aren’t going away—but they won’t be the same says Fortune’s Jeff John Roberts. I couldn’t agree more. So many people I’ve spoken to who have returned to the office have told me how much they enjoy being there and getting out of the house, even if only part time, and even if it’s mostly empty. Top reasons why businesses should deploy Desktop as a Service reminds us how this technology is key to keeping employees productive and systems secure from anywhere and saving businesses time, money, and headaches (disclaimer: we are a DaaS provider through our Boxtop platform). Lastly, Forbes magazine just named DaaS one of The 5 Biggest Cloud Computing Trends In 2021.

While I never agreed with all of the hype around 5G wireless (not to be confused with 5 GHz Wi-Fi), I’ve kept my opinions to myself. Besides the fact that LTE/4G is more than fast enough for everything I could possibly need when I’m not near Wi-Fi, the hyped 5G speeds have such a short signal range (similar to Wi-Fi) that I can’t understand how it will ever be possible. Well, my friend Steven Vaughan-Nichols agrees with me in 5G is no reason to buy the iPhone 12 - or any phone.

Finally, for anyone who has been on my webinars lately, you know a big theme is innovation and how business leaders are using 2020 to improve their business operations. Rob Mattern, advisor and consultant to many law firms, wrote a great piece on this topic that can be adapted to any business type: It’s 2025: What Did We Do to Successfully Shift Law Firm Operations?

Thanks for reading.

-Morris Tabush

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