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Why Your Firm Needs to Leverage Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS)

A security operations center (SOC) is a team of IT security experts whose sole focus is to proactively monitor your firm’s security, detect and analyze threats, and respond and remediate when necessary. To be effective, the team of highly-qualified experts must work 24x7x365 so that they can rapidly respond to any emerging threat. For the vast majority of small and midsize firms, it simply does not make financial sense to build this function in-house, yet with cyberattacks increasing in sophistication and volume, it is far too risky to ignore the need for a SOC. Many small and midsize firms choose to partner with a third-party IT security provider that offers Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) to ensure constant, proactive protection against cybersecurity threats.

What is Boxtop Guardian?

Boxtop Guardian is Tabush Group’s fully-managed SOCaaS, providing all of the security functions of a SOC. It leverages the power of people, processes, and technology to quickly detect and remediate vulnerabilities. We combine Boxtop’s comprehensive, layered security defense with real-time threat intelligence to identify and respond to threats around the clock. Boxtop Guardian protects your business-critical operations and valuable data, without the need for your intervention. 

Why Does Your Firm Need Boxtop Guardian?

Cybersecurity has become more complicated, with access to data and networks needed by employees working from outside the office, using different devices. Not only that, but threats are becoming more numerous and growing in sophistication.

More and more often, SOCaaS is being viewed as part of necessary, foundational cybersecurity, not an addition or “nice to have.” Moreover, if they have not done so already, your clients and institutional partners will demand that you increase your security measures to meet increased compliance levels. Boxtop Guardian takes our cybersecurity expertise that you already have with Boxtop to the next level to meet these requirements.

Benefits to Your Firm When Using Boxtop Guardian

Boxtop Guardian offers many important benefits to your firm.

  • Real-time Investigation and Threat Hunting
    Analysts investigate every incident and conduct threat hunting to improve detection capabilities and find vulnerabilities that are not automatically detected.

  • Threat Analysis
    Boxtop Guardian examines threats to discover potential patterns of attack and vulnerabilities, as well as threat origins, scope, and risk levels to your firm.

  • Auto Remediation
    Boxtop Guardian has the ability to automatically isolate threats, accelerating and optimizing incident responses.

  • Rapid Incident Response and Notifications.
    Boxtop Guardian will quickly contain any issues and provide notification of threats and remediation actions.

  • Transparency
    While Tabush Group handles your full SOC needs and you never have to worry about your cybersecurity on a day-to-day basis, your firm can still maintain full visibility into the threat detection and investigation process whenever you choose. Regularly scheduled calls provide you with the updates and reassurance you need, whenever you need it.

  • Compliance
    Every aspect of the SOC meets the highest compliance standards, including SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

  • Cost-Effective
    Gain enterprise-level SOC monitoring and detection, that is easily scaled up or down, at a fixed and predictable cost without investing in talent or expensive, complex systems.

For more information on how Boxtop Guardian can help protect your firm, please contact your client manager or send us an email and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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