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With Cloud Service Providers, You Get More Than a Whole IT Department

Many firms have been turning to cloud for the myriad of benefits it brings. But attempting to move and maintain your firm on the cloud on your own will come with challenges and robust staffing requirements. A better solution would be to turn to a cloud service provider that can offer your firm more than an internal team alone, while also easing your IT concerns. Partnering with a good cloud service provider ensures your firm’s productivity and security while allowing you to focus on your business and clients. Here are the top 5 ways that working with a cloud service provider gives you more than an entire in-house IT department.

Vast Technical Knowledge

With cloud implementations, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A cloud service provider will collaborate with you to customize a solution that works for your firm and supports your strategic goals, while also meeting your security and compliance requirements. Smaller in-house IT teams may not have the experience to deliver the right tools for your firm, but cloud service providers are in business to do just that. With engineers and technicians who are experts in cloud, they will implement the right solutions for your firm for both the short and long term.

Cybersecurity Expertise

Cybersecurity is top of mind for all firms, but especially so as threats evolve and more firms make hybrid work environments the norm. With more people working from different locations, it is harder for firms to put the correct protections in place. Many in-house IT teams lack the expertise to choose the right tools and use them to their full capabilities. By contrast, cloud service providers typically have entire teams dedicated to ensuring the necessary cybersecurity measures are in place and up to date.

Proactive Maintenance and Timely Updates

IT infrastructure and software require constant upgrades to remain current and protected against the latest cyber threats. Hardware needs monitoring to keep it running optimally, and the many applications a firm uses must also be running optimally at all times. These are a lot of moving parts and requirements for an in-house IT team. A cloud service provider handles proactive maintenance to ensure all of the IT runs flawlessly and to its full capability. They also should provide 24/7/365 monitoring of the network for potential threats and to intervene if an issue occurs. Enhanced network monitoring and patch updates are also taken care of by the cloud service provider, enabling the firm to operate productively without worrying about their IT.

Scalable Capabilities

At times, your firm might have a project that requires specific technical knowledge, increased staffing, or strategic IT advice. Working with a cloud service provider means you can easily scale your IT resources up or down as your needs dictate. Having this flexibility and scalability to customize an IT team is invaluable to a small or midsize firm with changing needs.

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring an IT department that can bring the needed technical knowledge to your firm, handle day-to-day matters, plan long-term strategic initiatives, stay up to date on the latest technology, and execute effectively on all of this is extremely costly. Even many large firms outsource at least some of their cloud services, so it only makes sense for small to midsize firms, with much tighter resources, to look for a cloud partner. Outsourcing cloud services reduces IT costs significantly while providing additional expertise you may not have with a purely in-house team. Plus, as your firm’s needs evolve and new technologies are implemented, you will not have to hire additional or temporary IT employees, thus allowing for more predictable expenses.

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