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How Working with a Managed Service Provider Can Enhance Your Firm’s Cybersecurity

Law firms are responsible for a vast amount of client data and with the ever-increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, the cybersecurity of your firm has never been more crucial. Small to midsize firms typically do not have the resources to manage effective and up-to-date in-house cybersecurity. 

When small to midsize firms partner with a managed service provider (MSP), they outsource some or all of their IT, allowing the firm to focus on their own clients. MSPs offer expertise and state-of-the-art tools that provide superior cybersecurity. Here are some steps MSPs take to enhance your firm’s cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Training for Employees

While firewalls, monitoring systems, and up-to-date software are essential, the people of your firm are an often-overlooked aspect of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity training makes your attorneys and staff aware of potential threats, mitigating the risk from phishing links, ransomware attacks, and more. Reputable MSPs will offer regular, comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training to your team. MSPs should also perform user awareness testing by sending mock phishing emails and tracking the actions taken by recipients. Attorneys and staff that click on these links can then receive immediate additional training to prevent further missteps.

Updates and Monitoring

At one point in time, buying software and downloading cybersecurity software onto your PC may have been sufficient. These days, especially with the increasing number and sophistication of cyberattacks, cybersecurity protection must be regularly updated. As a result, MSPs implement a variety of tools and software to ensure the security of your firm. 24x7x365 monitoring, firewall protection, and strong anti-virus software are just a few of the proactive measures MSPs implement. Outdated software is not equipped with the latest security features, making it a major risk factor. MSPs will keep all of your applications and security software up-to-date, closing any backdoors for potential threats.

Secure Backups

In the event of catastrophic events such as a ransomware attack or even a natural disaster, your firm’s data may be inaccessible by the firm yet vulnerable to attack. Performing regular system backups and storing them in a secure location is essential to bouncing back from a major setback. MSPs are experts in backup and business continuity services and make it a priority to ensure that your firm does not lose access to its data. The right MSP will back up your files, safely store the data in multiple offsite locations, and have a plan to quickly get your firm back on its feet.

Strong Passwords and MFA

Common ways cybercriminals gain access to sensitive information is through weak passwords or compromised credentials. An MSP will implement policies that require users to create strong passwords and utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA). Strong passwords and MFA add an extra layer of security to your firm. Even if a password is compromised, MFA requires an extra step in the login process. This additional step requires the user to confirm their login via text, email, or authenticator app. Together, implementing these policies significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your firm's data.

Endpoint Encryption

Laptops, desktops, cell phones, and any other internet-connected devices are all potential entry points for cybercriminals. Endpoint encryption protects the data and files stored on these devices by ensuring they can only be accessed by authorized users. An MSP will implement endpoint encryption across all devices, including personal devices that are used for work. This mitigates the threat of a data breach, no matter where or what device your attorneys and staff work from.

Complimenting a Hybrid Work Environment

Law firms, especially hybrid firms, need flexibility and security. Some MSPs may offer cloud services that expand your firm’s ability to work from home or on the go. A reputable service partner will improve cybersecurity while complementing and enhancing a hybrid environment.

For more information on perfecting your firm’s hybrid work environment, read our hybrid law firm guide today.

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