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Cybersecurity Matters Especially During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt global health, social systems, and the economy, while also contributing to another unseen threat: cyberattacks.  Cybercriminals are capitalizing on the fact that more people and businesses are depending on digital tools right now.

Robust cybersecurity measures matter more than ever now.  The internet has become the center for human interaction and most businesses are enforcing working from home.  Due to the increased need of digital communication coupled with more people working from locations and devices that are not properly secured, cybercriminals can get access to a lot of valuable information.  With this new turn, a cyberattack can effectively harm businesses and families by stealing sensitive data and disrupting operations and information flow.  Moreover, cybercriminals exploit human weaknesses, such as getting an individual to click a malicious link.  During this time of crisis and uncertainty, cybercriminals are using fear as a tactic to exploit information.

What Can You Do?

Just like changing our social habits with COVID-19, here are three practical actions you can take to stay safe online:

  1. Cyber hygiene. It is important to maintain digital hygiene habits, just as how you are doing for COVID-19, such as washing your hands and disinfecting all items from germs.  In the digital world, make sure you have a strong router password for your home Wi-Fi and have system firewalls active on your router.
  2. Be attentive on verification. Stay alert when you are installing any software or giving out any personal information.  Avoid clicking on links from emails you do not recognize.  When in doubt, send an email over to your IT department and they can help you out.  Digital viruses spread like the physical ones, meaning that your one mistake online could contaminate others in your organization.
  3. Follow official updates. When you get information regarding coronavirus, you should be using trusted sources only.  It is easy for cybercriminals to exploit data and information by creating false site that can lead to infecting your system.  Make sure you update your system software and applications regularly to ensure you patch any weaknesses that may be exploited.   


Because of the constantly evolving threat landscape, Tabush Group launched a comprehensive service to protect both your systems and your users.  Our Premium Defense Service offers additional security to anticipate and prevent cyberattacks.  For more information, send us a message or call 212.252.0571. 

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