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6 Advantages of Managed IT Services in New York City

New York City is a highly competitive place to do business. In fact, a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked New York the most competitive city on the planet. To succeed here, your law firm can’t afford to have its IT system go down due to faulty equipment, and you certainly can’t accept the security risks and lost productivity that inefficient, insecure IT breeds. Your law firm needs to focus its time and energy on your core business to stay ahead of your competitors. Partnering with a New York City-based managed IT service provider (MSP) can help you with all these realities and more.

Experienced Managed IT Services Provides Located in New York 

When your law firm partners with a high-quality MSP, you gain access to experts in a wide range of disciplines, from hardware and software engineering to security and network administration. Assembling a comparable team in-house is cost-prohibitive, especially for small and midsize law firms. Good MSPs apply cutting-edge knowledge of best practices, which allows them to efficiently and effectively provide their clients with all the competencies their business needs both for day-to-day operations and strategic growth.

Strategic Partnership With Your Law Firm

A good managed IT service provider will serve as a strategic partner and work closely with your law firm to develop innovative solutions that align with your specific goals. They possess the expertise to handle a wide range of IT projects including infrastructure upgrades, additional security services, and more. However, it's crucial to select an MSP that takes a proactive approach. A good MSP will attune itself to your business needs and goals and take the necessary steps to ensure that your IT plans remain in line with your law firm’s objectives. Leveraging their extensive knowledge base, MSPs can work with your law firm to devise a comprehensive plan that incorporates state-of-the-art solutions, enabling your law firm to be more productive, and efficient, and gain a competitive edge.

Multi-Layered Security

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, ubiquitous, and costly, a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity is critical to your law firm’s health. Cybersecurity is both complex and resource-intensive, and MSPs have the expertise and manpower to provide the necessary cybersecurity services much more efficiently than you could do on your own. Reliable MSPs provide your system with multiple layers of protection, from installing state-of-the-art anti-virus and anti-malware software and firewalls to ensuring all hardware and software are up-to-date, with timely security and patch updates. Good MSPs monitor your system 24x7x365 to detect any suspicious activity and mount a rapid and effective response to fend off an attack. They will also provide proactive audits and penetration testing to identify any weak points in your system that need fortification. MSPs can also provide ongoing cybersecurity education and training to your team. 

Responsive Support

A reliable MSP will have a professionally staffed help desk to quickly solve your team’s technical issues. Staffed with both desktop and network engineers, this team of specialists will have the expertise to efficiently solve virtually any IT issue that comes across their desk. When you need on-site support, a New York-based provider can quickly dispatch a specialist to your location to efficiently meet your needs. Good MSPs will also provide after-hours support for your business-critical issues, so you will always be ready to serve your clients and customers.

Proactive Maintenance

If you’re like most law firms, your priority is focusing on your core business. As long as your computer system is working, you probably don’t give much thought to whether your computer will be working next week or next month. But proactive maintenance is necessary to prevent costly outages and downtimes. A good managed IT service provider with a proven track record of success will manage your system proactively, using their considerable expertise to pinpoint small issues before they become a big problem, thereby making your technology more reliable. Besides ongoing monitoring, MSPs ensure all software is updated as soon as updates become available, thus enhancing your system’s efficiency, productivity, and security. They also make sure all of your files and data are backed up regularly, safely stored, and easily retrievable to ensure your business continuity in the event of a disaster at your premises. 

Scalability and Cost Effectiveness

An expanding headcount costs growing companies more than salaries and benefits – the company must also invest in incremental technology, including personal computers, software, and server space. Partnering with an MSP alleviates the need to make upfront IT investments associated with growth. With the typical MSP model, you pay for IT based on the services you use and the number of users on a monthly basis. If you add 10 people to your team, your provider will simply add 10 users. If 10 people leave, they will be deducted. You are never stuck paying for unnecessary services or costly equipment, making costs more predictable and freeing up funds to focus on other areas of your business.

Tabush Group is a leading provider of Managed IT Services for small to midsize law firms and Desktop as a Service (DaaS), headquartered in New York City. To learn more about how our state-of-the-art IT solutions can make your law firm’s operations more efficient and secure, contact us.

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