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2017 Year in Review


Once again, I’m amazed at how quickly the past year flew by. At our annual company holiday party in December, I continued the tradition of presenting the ‘State of the Company’ speech to our team, the theme of which was progress and growth. While 2016 was a year of celebrating great accomplishments, 2017 was exciting in different ways as we faced new challenges, set ambitious goals, and reached new heights.

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Employee Spotlight: M'ten Halsey

M’ten has always been interested in technology. “When I was a kid, I liked to break things down and figure out why they happened the way that they did. And, I was always a computer user, even when people didn’t really use them.”

After building his first website at just 13 years old, M’ten joined a band, toyed with science kits, and taught himself how to build computer systems from scratch – this is where his journey within the information technology industry began.

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2016: Year in Review

I feel like I say this every year, but I can’t believe it's January and 2016 is already behind us. Last month, at our annual company holiday party, I once again had the privilege of delivering the ‘State of the Company’ speech to our team. In 2015, I focused on the amazing journey of building, learning, and growing the company. While that journey continues on, the theme of 2016’s address was a reflection on some amazing things we accomplished and an expression of gratitude for every single person on our team who helped us reach our goals.

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Small Business Employee Culture: Recognizing Commitment, Passion, and Excellence

Last month, we held our annual awards breakfast. As a small business of 25 employees, it’s a much anticipated day, where we all come together to honor team members who have achieved milestones with the company, as well as those who have exemplified our values. Over the past year, we added 6 new employees, so it was also an opportunity to all together welcome them to the Tabush Group family.

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2015: A Look Back

As cliché as it may be, I can’t believe that we’re only a few days away from the conclusion of 2015. Each December at our annual company holiday party, I get the privilege of delivering the ‘State of the Company’ speech. In 2014, I focused on how we love what we do, and because we love it, our focus has always been on doing it better, and growth has merely been a byproduct. In this year’s speech, I reminisced about how and why I founded the company in 2000 from my college dorm room, and how it has and continues to be an amazing journey of building, learning, and growing. 2015 was no exception to that.

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Introducing Ariel Acosta, Tabush’s Network Engineer

When Ariel Acosta is not in the office, you can catch him running away from it. Literally.

 “It’s about 8-10 miles from the office to my house, and sometimes if I need to do a long run, I run home from work,” he said, while on the topic of running being his newfound hobby. Hobby turned way of life, apparently, as he recently completed his first marathon in January in one of his favorite cities, New Orleans.

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Introducing Mahmut Sarigedik, Tabush's Chief Technology Officer

From Turkey to NYC, Mahmut Sarigedik has long since had a knack for IT.

Growing up in Istanbul, Sarigedik credits a variety of situations that helped him follow technology into what is now his career. Throughout his childhood, Sarigedik attended school, and every day afterward, would help his father out at work. “My father was a carpenter; an inventor. I grew up with him at the workshop. He is very hands-on and he always finds a solution no matter what the situation is,” said Sarigedik of his father’s work ethic and character. It was then that he started to learn how to offer solutions to a variety of problems.

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Introducing Robert Renzulli, Tabush's VP of Technical Services

Robert Renzulli has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together.

“As a kid, I used to go home and take apart computers. I reinstalled the memory, hard drive, and other components to understand it. Then, I started installing software for friends and family.”

Originally from Haledon, New Jersey, Renzulli grew up with an electrician as a father, and when working with him, he was much more interested in how things lit up rather than the fact that they just did.

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