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5 Ways that DaaS Gives Law Firms a Competitive Advantage

Clients expect high-value service from their law firm. They want their attorney to be accessible, to understand their needs and to solve their problems, expertly and quickly. In today’s fast-paced world, law firms must be highly productive and efficient to meet these demands if they are to retain clients and gain word-of-mouth referrals. 

State-of-the-art technology, and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in particular, can go a long way in supporting a law firm’s ability to meet and exceed client expectations. Here are 5 ways that DaaS can give law firms a competitive edge. 


Flexible Work Environments

With DaaS, each user’s virtual desktop is hosted on the cloud and can be streamed to any device. Each user has their own customized Windows desktop with all of the applications they already use. 

The inherent qualities of DaaS enable flexible workplace environments, which in the post-pandemic world are more important than ever to law firms. Many law firms have permanently adopted or are considering adopting hybrid or work-from-home models, which allow them to cut real estate and other overhead costs. Further, as many attorneys have come to expect some form of flexibility from their employer, a flexible work environment is necessary if law firms are to attract and retain top talent. DaaS is an excellent tool for allowing firms to efficiently offer workplace flexibility.


Seamless Access to Information

When clients call with an urgent question or request, DaaS allows attorneys to log on, access their files, and respond appropriately whether they are working in the office, at the courthouse, or on the go. Because all files are available from anywhere, attorneys who move from one location to another can seamlessly pick up wherever they left off on a brief or a contract. They never have to worry that they left the revised version on their other computer, that the file is not opening on their home computer, or that they forgot to hit save. Simple, everyday glitches like this add up and negatively impact productivity.


Professionally Managed Systems

With DaaS cloud solutions, the service provider updates all software whenever new versions become available, so law firm personnel will always be using state-of-the-art software. The service provider is also responsible for backing up all files onto the private cloud, maintaining the system, and handling technical support. The law firm does not have to purchase and maintain its own system or hire IT staff to handle these tasks. Additionally, business continuity is an inherent benefit of DaaS cloud solutions. In the event that the firm’s offices become physically inaccessible due to a natural disaster or some other reason, the team can continue to log in remotely. 



When a law firm secures substantial new business in a short period of time, whether through organic growth or an acquisition, it typically must increase resources quickly. The costs and other challenges associated with adding to headcount can in some cases deter law firms from pursuing certain new business. Like other cloud services, DaaS decreases the growing pains associated with expansion because of its scalability. Because DaaS is subscription-based, it can quickly be scaled up (or down) to meet a firm’s varying staffing needs. Employees can easily be added (or removed), helping to maximize productivity. 


Superior Cybersecurity

As confidentiality is a hallmark of the attorney-client relationship, it’s crucial that law firms maintain safe systems to protect the privacy of client information. In recent years, cyber criminals have become exponentially more sophisticated and have increasingly targeted the legal industry, requiring law firms to take their cybersecurity up a notch. DaaS cloud solutions provide many safety advantages, including secure connections whether the user logs in from the office or anywhere else. A reputable service provider will also ensure that all firewalls, anti-virus software, and encryption tools are updated and provide monitoring services to identify unusual activity that could indicate that a hack is occurring. 

To find out how our DaaS solution, Boxtop, can help your firm gain a competitive advantage, contact Tabush Group.


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