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A Look Back on Our Top 2020 Articles and Videos

With everything that went on in 2020, we published a great deal of content, including blog posts, videos, and external articles. Here, we proudly present our greatest hits of 2020.

Working from Home Effectively

It’s hard to believe, but less than a year ago many of us did not even have Zoom accounts!  Now, we all feel like we know it all about video meetings, but here is a quick refresher about How to Have Effective Video Meetings.  We also shared other work from home strategies and best practices in 8 Tips for Working Remotely and Productively and 10 IT Recommendations for a Better Work From Home Experience.

The more people worked from home, we saw similar issues arising as our clients called in for help resolving their IT issues at home.  Here are the Top 5 Work from Home Issues and Solutions.  We also had a lot of questions about recommendations to set up working spaces at home, so we published Morris Tabush’s Home Office Recommendations.

In order to make sure our team felt supported and connected even when we are not together, we shared with our readers 5 Ways We Love to Show Our Team We Care.

Long Term Success Strategies

Once companies were settled into the remote working environment, businesses began to focus on how to ensure productivity and efficiency via long term solutions.  In October, the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine published an article by our very own Darragh Fitzpatrick on how to Effectively Plan Your IT Budget.

Here at Tabush Group we’ve always talked about Cloud's Best Kept Secret.  DaaS grew as one of the most popular technologies in 2020.  Nearly every business technology magazine talked about it as the next big thing in cloud.  We’re in total agreement, and have been for over 5 years as our Boxtop platform has proven hugely popular and successful at law, accounting, and other professional firms (even before the pandemic forced everyone to work from home).

During the pandemic, DaaS became less of a secret as Boxtop proved to be essential to our clients who did not have to do anything different once they moved from their offices home.  Here, we share some of Boxtop Clients’ COVID Stories and an article about one of our clients who says, "I Feel Like the Smartest Guy Ever."

In Other News

But don’t just take it from us that DaaS is growing in popularity. Here are some of our favorite DaaS articles from 2020:


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