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Client Success Story: Goldberg Rimberg & WEG PLLC

Law Firm Migrates to the Cloud with Boxtop

Goldberg Weg & Markus PLLC, is a commercial litigation and real estate law firm with an office in New York City. The company had an in-house server and traditional office setup where each employee had a PC. For more than 10 years, Goldberg Weg & Markus has outsourced its IT to Tabush Group.


Employees at Goldberg Weg & Markus were using old PCs that needed to be replaced. The company knew that new hardware would mean another large investment that would only amount to a temporary fix.  In addition, the attorneys often travel to clients and need access to their files. The firm had already started to use cloud-based applications, but they were not connected so each were accessed and worked individually.

Together, these issues showed that the processes and infrastructure that Goldberg Weg & Markus used were not ideal for the firm. They needed a platform that would provide their employees secure accessibility from any location. and in 2015, the firm’s leadership learned about Tabush Group’s new cloud solution, Boxtop, and decided it would be a good fit for their needs.


Tabush Group worked with Robert L. Rimberg, who was a Managing Partner, to implement Boxtop for all employees. By moving the company’s software to the cloud, employees could access all of their programs through virtual desktops. At Goldberg Weg & Markus, Boxtop provides attorneys secure access to their files via their choice of device, and reduces the company’s need for new, expensive hardware.


With Boxtop, attorneys are able to securely access files, applications and data on their virtual desktops when they are out of the office. What’s more, Boxtop allows the attorneys to have the same user experience from any computer.

“When staying in a hotel, I can work on a document on my laptop, then go down to the hotel’s business center, log into Boxtop from one of the PCs, and access my desktop as if I was still on my laptop. I can then easily print a document on the business center’s local printer without having to hassle with emailing it to myself or copying it onto a USB drive. I love how I have secure access to everything from everywhere. It’s so simple,” says Rimberg.

With clients all over the country, it’s important for their office to be running without interruption. During Superstorm Sandy, the company’s New York City office was without power for two weeks. With an in-house server and no access to their PCs, this resulted in downtime and lost billing for the firm. Now with Boxtop, servers are eliminated and employees can easily log into Boxtop from any device with an internet connection. With Boxtop, there’s no downtime for the firm.