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Client Success Story: Maxons Restorations

Emergency Mitigation Firm Goes Cloud with Boxtop

Maxons Restorationsa widely recognized leader in the emergency mitigation industry, has headquarters in NYC with branch offices in Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey. The firm operated on a single in-house server managed by an external IT firm. In 2017, Maxons chose Tabush Group for the support and management of its IT.


Maxons outsourced its IT, and over the course of several years tried various solutions, including Citrix, Terminal Server, and another cloud solution. Throughout the IT changes, several issues always remained, such as connection issues and delayed or lack of necessary updates. Employees experienced many day-to-day issues that disrupted their ability to work. As a firm that deals with emergency situations, Maxons does not have the option to wait on its IT services. They needed an immediate fix.

Maxons also needed an IT solution that would allow access to files from any location, whether that be an office, a client site, or when traveling.  The Maxons leadership learned about Tabush Group’s cloud solution, Boxtop, when it was in beta testing. Tabush Group remained in regular contact with Maxons and in 2017, Maxons decided that Boxtop was the best solution for them.


Tabush Group worked with Kelley Dolan, Director of HR and Operations at Maxons Restorations, to implement Boxtop. Boxtop moved the firm’s IT to the cloud, which allows Maxons to focus on helping their clients instead of dealing with their own IT headaches. At Maxons, Boxtop allows all employees secure access to all files and provides the firm secure, stable IT service.


“When choosing a partner it was important to be supported by an IT firm since we do not have that expertise in our company. In Tabush Group, we found an experienced IT partner we could trust,” says Dolan. Boxtop enabled Maxons to quickly and seamlessly eliminate its in-house server and move its IT to the cloud without stress.

Tabush Group worked in partnership with Maxons to prepare a robust plan for the transition to Boxtop, which also included cleaning Maxons’ systems of programs they were no longer using. Throughout the entire process, Tabush Group fixed any issues that arose and the helpdesk was always available to field questions. “It was a little magical. We were shooting for April 1, and on March 30 we cut over. Everyone came back to work on Monday and everything just worked. It really was like MAGIC,” says Dolan.

Over the past year, Maxons realized a cost savings by eliminating much of their hardware and infrastructure and instead, moving their IT to the cloud. And more importantly, Maxons IT systems are now stable. With about half of the staff working remotely, reliability and connectivity are key. Employees can now use any computer or device to log in and simply pick up where they were last working.

In the emergency mitigation industry, it is essential that Maxons can respond to their clients’ needs quickly and with all the information needed. With Boxtop, Maxons no longer worries about network speed and connectivity issues. Boxtop gives Maxons employees complete access to all files from any connected device, regardless their location.